The Europa Hotel, thanks to the quality and range of its sports equipment, is a popular destination for football training camps and an ideal place for all those clubs who intend to make appropriate preparations . In addition, the property features a sports center among the best equipped in Umbria called " Citadel Sports " features soccer fields , soccer, basketball , beach volleyball , tennis courts mateco and clay courts, bowling greens gym and fitness . Nearby, you can enjoy a variety of outdoor sports.


Adventure Camp

The adventure park, also commonly called " high rope course", is a kind of amusement park , consisting of different places and paths at various heights from the ground that, with the help of vines , bridges , cable (cable cars) , networks and walkways, allow you to go from one tree to another (or a suitable artificial structure ) in extreme safety




Hang glider

Hang gliding is the most fascinating and exciting way to soar , to experience adventure and sport, creating a unique contact with nature. The first types of this fascinating flying machine date back to the '70s  and then spread rapidly throughout the world. We have moved since then to hang gliding pioneer of today's highly secure facilities with special alloys of very high strength and reliability


Horse riding

The ideal sport for horse lovers, in a unique landscape, where you will get in touch with these fantastic animals". Easy horse riding in the Pian Grande di Norcia or multi-day trek will allow you to discover the secrets and the beauty of our land . 



Exciting descent of the river along a 7 km long route: a trip lasts about 2 hours, safe even if you do not have any experience. The adventure camp is divided into two sections of the river of the same length. The first one, which is quiet and charming, will take you through the gorge of Bevels , where you can drink and bathe in a natural spring that flows directly from the rock; the second one is a lot of fun but not dangerous, there is a natural springboard which allows you to dive directly into the foaming waters.

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking can be considered one of the sports which are accessible to all . It 's a new way of practicing sport that is emerging around the world. In practice, Nordic Walking consists of walking in a natural and proper way, but also in running, jumping and doing some exercises specially designed. It is a natural and very effective way to improve your physical condition and tone the muscles of the whole body, regardless of age, sex and physical preparation . Moreover, it's fun, relaxing and inexpensive. You can practice it anywhere and in any season.


Paragliding is the absolute lightest in the middle that allows man to fly , the simplest ever conceived. Since its inception immediately aroused the interest and imagination of those who has always nurtured the dream of flying . The small footprint , the ease of preparation , ease of learning in the initial stages of the pilot , make it immediately fun, approachable and workable by anyone , opening up amazing possibilities for the spread of air sports . Thanks to the great technological evolution, the glider pilot is able to take advantage of the weaker updrafts extending the flight for hours..


Hiking with donkeys

Trekking with Donkeys is a way to travel "slow" , discovering the beauty of our magnificient territory. With the help of donkeys you can travel for some days, even with kids, making the animals carry the backpacks and equipment to set up a tent, for example, if you stay away many days. This kind of  "green" tourism has been imported from France and Switzerland.


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